" WE PROTECTED A COUNTRY "
There are many choices available to you when it comes to security alarm providers. However,
informed consumers prefer a dealer with high Value, Quality, Dependability,  Good Response Time,
Proven Track Record and Customer Service.
We at Veteran Alarm are all those things and more.
Here are the top three security systems we install.  You can have one
installed in your home or business at no cost to you*. Only keep up with
a low monitor rate of
$29,95 per month*. We also have security
cameras hardwire or wireless indoor or out.   
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Call Today Toll Free 888-714-5267
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No Phone  No Problem  with our Cellular monitoring solution we offer true
flexibility for home security monitoring service. There is no need for any type of
home phone service or Internet connection, because with cellular monitoring our
security system will have a dedicated wireless connection between your home
and our central monitoring facility. All for only
$39.95 per month
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* Need to be a home owner 36 month monitoring agreement  WAC
Check out our DIY Security System works off your WiFi
No Contracts       Self Monitoring